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For many women, at-home cleansers and facials just don’t always cut it. While they can keep the skin clean, these methods aren’t always effective in reaching deep into pores. As such, even after you’ve cleaned your face, you may feel as though your skin is still dirty. In fact, you may even notice blackheads that are still clogging up your pores. An IPL photofacial in Woodbury can help you achieve the vibrancy of skin that you desire. There’s no need to have surgery performed to clear up your face when a photofacial in Woodbury will do the job just as effectively without the ridiculous price tag.

How IPL Photofacials Work

A facial is likely something that you’re familiar with. It’s a luxuriating treatment where you simply relax and let someone exfoliate your skin. This can be a great way to remove dirt and bacteria off the surface of your skin. However, it doesn’t tend to penetrate very deeply. That’s where the IPL photofacial in Woodbury makes a difference. By using intense pulsed light, the treatment actually has enough power to get in deep to the pores and eliminate the dirt, bacteria, and other gunk that’s trapped inside of them. In addition, the light energy damages the skin just enough to prompt the body to heal itself.

As a result, new collagen is produced to fill the damaged skin. This leaves you with a vibrant and fresh appearance instead of just a clean one. This procedure is quick, easy, and requires no recovery time after it is completed. Instead, you can take your fresh face outdoors and continue on with your day. To experience the clean you need, try a photofacial in Woodbury today by first giving us a call.

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